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hosted by Carl Wiens

Their prime directive is to serve humankind... or so they tell us! Let's see your interpretations - good benign, and evil. Contraptions,...

185 images

Latest comment: 9:12 PM on January 3 (41 total)

Found Faces
hosted by Nancy Stahl

rag really started this with his photos of objects that reveal themselves as faces. I had one to add and thought the subject deserved its own...

122 images

Latest comment: 2:36 PM on November 16 (26 total)

Michael Jackson
hosted by Stephen Kroninger

This is open to Drawgers and non-Drawgers alike as well as students, non-professionals and professionals. Post yours here.

200 images

Latest comment: 7:06 AM on November 7 (116 total)

Art Pit Stop
hosted by Christoph Hitz

This show is about places that are built, created, dreamed up or lived by a single artist. A place where You would go with Your friends and family....

10 images

Latest comment: 4:59 PM on May 14 (3 total)

End Papers
hosted by Stephen Kroninger

Old textbooks, Golden books and kid's books in general all had end papers that could set the mind soaring with the knowledge and adventures that...

174 images

Latest comment: 4:32 PM on March 15 (31 total)

hosted by David Gothard

Masks reflect our emotions, desires and fears. Inspired by Nancy's gallery of found faces, add to this gallery of created faces.

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Latest comment: 7:31 AM on May 22 (16 total)

hosted by David Gothard

Here we go again...election time.

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Latest comment: 3:52 PM on September 14 (6 total)

Monsters,Ghouls,Ghost and more
hosted by Mike Moran

Drawger monsters, ghouls and ghosts... Halloween

142 images

Latest comment: 3:06 PM on June 26 (23 total)

Artists' Holiday Cards
hosted by David Gothard

A gallery of your fave holiday cards.

34 images

Latest comment: 9:58 PM on December 27 (10 total)

Women's Work
hosted by Nancy Stahl

Women illustrators, demonstrate your conceptual skills by entering work in any style on any subject as long as it carries a clear viewpoint. ...

115 images

Latest comment: 11:32 PM on March 9 (38 total)
on radar
Elwood H. Smith
October 12

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