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hosted by David Gothard

Here we go again...election time.

42 images

Latest comment: 3:52 PM on September 14 (6 total)

The Great Online Pumpkin Carve
hosted by Nancy Stahl

In celebration of the season, carve a pumpkin..!

16 images

Latest comment: 3:21 PM on October 23 (10 total)

At War in Iraq
hosted by David Gothard

53 images

Latest comment: 10:06 PM on September 14 (1 total)

hosted by David Gothard

16 images

Latest comment: 9:22 PM on September 12 (1 total)

my desktop
hosted by David Bamundo

take a snapshot of your desktop (mac OS: shift/apple/3 creates a PDF which can be opened in photoshop and reduced to 500 pixels wide) and post it...

9 images

Latest comment: 11:32 AM on October 8 (11 total)

Phone Doodles
hosted by Nancy Stahl

A couple of you have posted doodles drawn while you were on the phone. I love seeing them so here's a place to put them all.

19 images

Latest comment: 9:24 AM on September 20 (5 total)

Random Drawger Logo Experiment
hosted by Robert Zimmerman

Yo - Send in a Drawger Logo - the ones in this gallery are appearing on the home page for whatever reason. Maximum width is about 140 pixels...

29 images

Latest comment: 9:44 PM on February 10 (3 total)

hosted by David Gothard

Masks reflect our emotions, desires and fears. Inspired by Nancy's gallery of found faces, add to this gallery of created faces.

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Latest comment: 7:31 AM on May 22 (16 total)

Found Faces
hosted by Nancy Stahl

rag really started this with his photos of objects that reveal themselves as faces. I had one to add and thought the subject deserved its own...

122 images

Latest comment: 2:36 PM on November 16 (26 total)
on radar
October 15
 Friday, October 13, 2017: I lost my eldest pussycat today. He began having seizures around 11am and I rushed him to the vet. I made the...
(2 comments, latest comment October 19)
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