Drawger studio tours for sure
Interview in The Daily Nutmeg
Here's a link to my interview...
Posted on May 20
Many Thanks...
Posted on January 22
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Illustrations for a book of chronicles about ...
Posted on July 22
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Work, Life & the Studio
I have made a lot of changes in my work and...
Posted on October 23
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Granny's Punk-Ass Pants
When I was a kid my Grandparents moved to...
Posted on October 22
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What I did on my summer...
  What I did on my summer...
Posted on October 18
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Glimpse of My Watercolor...
Elwood Smith in his Studio Filmed...
Posted on October 8
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Glimpses of this and that
Posted on December 21
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Particle 17 Studio
Posted on September 1
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Nancy Stahl Studio Glimpse
Nancy Stahl invited me to visit her home and...
Posted on August 27
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Portrait of Bill Cosby
I painted this portrait illustration of Bill...
Posted on June 17
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Studio Peek
No ping pong table. No large collectors...
Posted on December 18
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Studio Visit
Continuing the...
Posted on September 3
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Studio overhaul
I grew up working in construction. Learning...
Posted on September 3
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on radar
September 14
I had taken a break from the Gouache paintings, Partially a little depressed about so many of my favorite pieces not getting into SOI last fall....
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