Douglas Fraser
June 2009
Sub Bust Security
Recently finished assignment with the art director, Roy Comiskey, at Security Management magazine. Working with Roy is a pleasure. He's a real fan of illustration and painting. Talking over the assignment with him is a mix professionalism, and fun. The subject is about the ongoing struggle to stop converted vessels loaded with illegal drugs from entering U.S. waters. The converted vessels are sub-like in their final form. Very low to the waterline as to make them almost undetectable.
Above view.
Down low, and level.
Final art.
Running Around
sample of mine for direction preferred by the art director.
It was a smaller illustration, not a full page, but it kept me redoing sketches. An illustration for Runners World, which I thought was going one direction went another. The same subject with a different spin seems to be the challenge with this part of the magazine. At least that is my take on it. The subject is of a runner, in this case highlighting training for strength. The art director, Marc Kauffman, wanted a graphic(not painted) approach. He had picked an image I had done before as a guide to what might work. It was a vector piece from my website. Well I ended up going with more of my brush and ink approach. Here's the sketches, and final. In the end patience, and perseverance, we got there.
"Strong like Bull"
no banana - too much beef
Picks #4, but wants a different face.
Face is too round, also alter the chain for the text to flow around.
Finally the finish!
Chrome Lady
Recently finished gallery work. Oils on wooden panel, 24" by 12". I'm looking toward a subtle level of abstraction. I'll being pushing in that direction with a more reductive look on my next one.

Study Sketch
Final Painting
Farewell Pontiac
Follow-up to Carl's post. Ole' Goats are passing by as GM says good-bye to Pontiac. I did own a '68 GTO years ago. I know their time has past, but the memories are real. I couldn't add the cool Judge logo in this illustration for copyright reasons. The cars that sport the Pontiac logo today just leave my jaw on the ground in disblief.

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