Douglas Fraser
August 2010
Prius & Porsche
Couple of recent assignments were car related. First one was a cover for an international edition of Newsweek. The title was the Flying Prius about the never ending dream of the flying wing. It's the pursuit to bring the energy efficient qualities of the flying wing shape to the mainstream commercial aviation industry. Creating a version of the Prius for the airline industry. Art Director; Adolfo Valle.

Final direction


The next one was for Motor Trend. Its a regular column with a roving subject. This month's about the enjoyment and build of a classic Porsche replica. These newly built replicas are mechanically superior to the original,  while retaining the original classic lines, and interior look. Allowing the owner peace of mind of not putting an original in harm's way while driving in the real world. Personally I'd still be sweating as these high quality replicas are not cheap either. Title for the column was; Auto Avatar, the bathtub Porsche reimagined in Cameron-grade HD/3D/CGI brilliance. Art Director; Andy Foster.
Yes, that's a Navi at the wheel.

Finished another personal piece. The painting is of an old local movie theatre from the back. The name of the theatre is the Roxy. It's fate is up in the air these days. It's an independently short run venue that charges a percentage of what the bigger chains do. It may be streaming video, or death by blue ray for the Roxy. Title for the piece is, Roxy's Back.
Base pencil - canvas size - 18 by 40 inches.

Process - painting in oils. Usually have to do a minimum of two coats per colour to get the opacity I want.



Signed on the side.

Roxy's Back - oils on canvas - 18 by 40 inches


Illustration for Research News 2010 summer issue. The idea for this illustration was to simply indicate the piercing of a cell membrane. In an article about taking apart an infectious disease, the subject of Dr. Stefan Pukatzki, who has uncovered a new method that bacteria use to cause disease. The art director for this assignment was Lara Minja, of Lime Design inc. Lara, and I aimed for a simple graphic. I worked in a vector based approach as it lent itself to a clean image with rich colours. The precision of piercing a cell, and injecting material is the work of a labratory, and medical research. I enjoyed the opportunity to explore a somewhat abstracted way of designing the image in my sketches. There is space in the upper area for type as well. I enjoyed working with Lara.
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