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Catching up on some recent work. Here's a full page on the "World's Greenest Banks" for Bloomberg Markets, Lou Vega AD

For the New Republic's Inequality Issue. Story was actually about a rich trust fund girl and a poor boy and their rocky domestic relationship. Joe Heroun AD.

Now that the "Fair-Trade" label has value, corporations are trying use the label for profit, but not exactly the practice....
For Tuft's University. Margot Grisar AD.
Spread for Corporate Knight in Canada. Art directed by the brilliant illustrator Pete Ryan.
Another spread for Bloomberg Markets. I'd been trying to use this pie idea for a year and it finally found an article that fit.
"Rehabilitation" for the social cooperative Arcobaleno in Torino, Italy. Andrea Bozzo AD. If you've never seen his design work, check it out, he uses a ton of illustration.

Also for the New Republic, article was the "Economics of American Industry".
And I was happy to find out last week it got selected for AI31, which surprized me because of the dry subject matter.

And lastly a much wetter topic. Big fish populations in the Indian Ocean are rebounding due to Somali pirates, scaring off fishing fleets. I think I got drool on my keyboard just listening to the art director talking about it...
Full page for California magazine, Michiko Toki AD
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