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November 2010
Roots and Rivers

This was for the Boston Globe Magazine about a woman, who when she was a school girl moves from Memphis to Boston for a scholarship. She ends up staying for career and marriage, but never quite feels at home in the North. Art director was Grant Staublin.
Preliminary sketch. I kept the hair together to try to keep it's rythmn and then chopped it photoshop before painting it.
This piece was for the upcoming cover of Terra Magazine, art directed by fellow illustrator Santiago Uceda, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know at ICON this summer. The article addressed mainly the power and agricultural uses of the Columbia river, but also touched on stresses from climate change as well as tribal fishing rights.

This was one of the roughs I did as well for the cover, that I spent way too much time on.
I've always loved the art of the Pacific Northwest tribes and I always wanted to try something in that style, so I when I started playing with it, I couldn't pull back.
So if you know anyone starting a sprinkler business in Seattle, I've got the perfect image for them.
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