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Last year I was invited to be a part of Do The Green Thing's poster campaign in support of WWF Earth Hour. DGT have teamed up with WWF this year for a larger campaign and I was invited back to contribute again.
Do The Green Thing is the brainchild of the creative force of partners at Pentagram who seek to promote green awareness through creativity. This year DGT/WWF have commissioned 29 posters from illustrators, designers, fashion designers, & photographers to highlight issues ranging from eating less meat through to walking more. The posters are being released one by one through March leading up to WWF Earth Hour on the 29th.
This years 29 contributors have been pretty exciting and have included creative talents such as Sir Quentin Blake, Neville Brody, Vaughan Oliver, Sir Paul Smith, David Shrigley, Marion Deuchars, Rankin & Josh Higgins.
Each contributors poster is being sold in a limited run to support Do The Green Thing. Posters avialable through the DGT blog. 
Please pass these messages on, they will hopefully inspire a few more people to Do The Green Thing and switch off for Earth Hour on the 29th. That's tomorrow... light's out.

Each poster presentiation has a little write up and artist comment on the DGT site, my write up is here -


Don’t Ruin by Andy Ward 11/29

Illustrator Andy Ward has created a vintage poster for a vintage climate change tip - drive less and walk more. His dynamic and provocative poster contrasts the rage and rush of driving with the peace and happiness of going by foot.

“My poster is an invitation to slow down and smell the flowers,” says Andy. “To break the habit of needing to be everywhere at once and instead letting your feet take you there instead. They evolved for that very reason, to take us places. Enjoy planet earth from the beauty of your own two feet, ‘Walk Don’t Ruin’.”


Cars are responsible for nearly 15% of the world’s CO2 emissions. They’ve made us lazier, our cities hazier, and they have drowned out the sounds of the street with their revs and roars. Instead of driving, go by foot and feel on top of the world.


If a journey is more than a stones-throw but less than a mile then you can walk it.

Posters by Marion Deuchars & Sir Quentin Blake

Posters by Sue Timney & David Shrigley

Posters by Neville Brody & David Shrigley

The campaign was launched with a show in Pentagram's london office. The posters were shown on long dinner tables lit by candlelight as a nod to Earth Hour. On a personal note I was very pleased to see my poster shown next to Sir Quentin Blakes. The little kid in me who grew up with his work was squeaking with joy.
Thanks for reading. Now DO THE GREEN THING! Earth hour this saturday 29th March 2014. Turn those lights out and continue to WALK DON'T RUIN!

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