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The Natural History Series - Big Cats Edition
The Natural History Big Cats series has just been released on ANDYWARD editions. This is the first release from the editions project which has been set up to run alongside my main portfolio site offering short run editions of artwork produced solely for this project. The Big Cats series includes the Bengal Tiger, Black Panther, & Snow Leopard as a giclee print series. The series draws on 19th Century Natural History etchings and are worked up in pencil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink before being scanned and worked on further digitally.
The Natural History Series - Big Cats Edition BLACK PANTHER (panthera pardus)

Hand embossed gold stamp detail

The Natural History Series - Big Cats Edition BENGAL TIGER (panthera tigris tigris)

The Natural History Series - Big Cats Edition SNOW LEOPARD (panthera uncia)

This is the first personal work I have created in over 10 years and has been a real labour of love. The first two series of editions will follow the Natural History theme,  after which I will be drawing on my experience and contacts from working with fashion labels to produce short runs of accessories, jewellery, apparel, & toys. All of the editions where possible will contain a hand made element and be restricted to under 30 pieces.
ANDY WARD editions crest & custom font

Product authentication certificate

The artwork for this project is wrapped up in the design of the new ANDYWARD editions webshop and the identity is carried through to the literature, labels, & packaging. I wanted to set up an ongoing project that would allow me to draw on all aspects of my studio practice and bring it all together under one umbrella.
The artwork itself will move through a range of styles depending on the style most suited to the individual project. Seperating the role of art directing and designing from the illustrative process means each element of the project can be worked through thoroughly and at it’s own pace while at the same time adding to the project as a whole. As with any project the idea is to set up a fertile creative ground and plant a few seeds. Then hope things get fruity.

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