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 I'm currently sharing a trailer with Mike Tyson.
The trailer is parked up on youtube, big thanks to Caitlin at Star Entertainment for pinging over the link to a trailer for the ESPN documentary on the infamous 'No Más' (No More) fight between Sugar Ray Leonard & Roberto Duran.
A few months back Caitlin had sought permission to use a piece I made about the fight several years ago. The illustration is shown in the ESPN documentary tonight - 'No Más', 15th October at 8:00 pm on ESPN.

I was very pleased to design the current tour poster for the Dr Lonnie Smith Octet. Dr Smith has been a favourite of mine since I was in my teens. He's still going strong and he's still got it. A big thanks to the also superb Ian Hendrickson Smith for getting me on board. Ian is currently touring with the Octet, please check him out. He's a real talent, was a Dap King for many years and has played with everyone from Amy Winehouse to Dylan.
The Octet have just recorded and released a two volume album live in New York, revisiting some of the Doc's older tunes. Move your hand? Check that one, FAT barritone! ‘In The Beginning’ is the name of the album so I thought of how the tunes were a part of the doc’s DNA. I have him raising his arms in the poster, his fingers intertwining with the DNA swirling up and around him. The DNA has keys on it, two strands to the DNA so two keyboards. Just like the Hammond organ has, and which Dr Lonnie Smith made his legacy on.

The Natural History Series  - Parrots. My ongoing editions project sees the release of three new prints. The editions run in series' of three and feature natural history illustrations referencing the style of 19th Century Natural History etchings.They are worked up in pencil, airbrush, acrylic, and ink before being scanned and worked on further digitally.
This series features parrots - The Scarlet Macaw, The Black Headed Caique, and Major Mitchell's Cockatoo.

Below are two recent editorial pieces I had fun working on. Mark at School Library Journal is one of my favourite AD's, he's full on. This is my second cover for Mark, STEAM  - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. STEAM is a teaching method. The idea being that instead of teaching subjects in isolation, that an approach that merges these various methodologies within a lesson or unit, is a more meaningful and effective way for kids to learn. It’s about seeing subjects from a variety of perspectives resulting in new insights and connecting the dots. F dot U dot N.
Bottom is a piece for Crain's Chicago Business - Girl Power. Big companies have a new bête noir, school-aged girls. In the battle between big companies and little girls the winner isn’t who you might think it’d be. I have two girls of my own. I know that voice.

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