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It feels good to be breathing new life into a piece of work that's been really good to me. My Animals Of Africa chart, produced for fashion label Custo Barcelona back in 2005 had a hedonistic but brief life for a natural history chart, appearing on dresses, skirts & tee shirts, burning out around 2007.  The animals then gained new life and the piece became a series for a second label featuring on leather accessories producing handbags, wristlets, purses and keyrings.  Since 2012 I had had them sitting in my old web store selling occasional prints but I've always felt a little sad to see them locked up in the store and felt that now their licenses were back with me I should do more with them.
The original Animals Of Africa chart, and now as giftwrap & greetings cards

I moved studio a couple of months ago, shook up my routine and looked over the series afresh. Over the period of a night and day I sketched out the groundwork for a greetings card line and worked out an MO for a brand. I’ve taken the Animals Of Africa beyond their formal chart designs into a series of message greetings from get well cards and good luck cards through to birthday and retirement cards.


The animals now feel liberated, out there serving a purpose and doing a job. Relaying their mindful messages! They now form part of the Flora & Fauna collection of Andy Ward Studio. I’m so happy to find a project that allows me to combine my illustrative style, humour, love of design & natural history all in one product. I can’t remember the last time I worked so furiously. I have so many ideas for this project that’s it’s become a refreshing reminder of just why I love the plain and simple act of drawing, studying  a subject.


The back of each card offers information on each animal

The Flora & Fauna collection seen in their natural habitat

 Sometimes it takes a long time for a piece of work to find it’s purpose and I feel as though I’ve got a grip of Animals Of Africa now as it becomes a starting point, a point of departure, the most exciting place to be as a creative.

Many thanks for reading!

Oh and of course, Jolly Jolly and all that.

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