Andy Ward
February 2008
Lost Santo film
concept art for 'Santo Contro El Fin Del Mundo'
I have just remembered SANTO CONTRO EL FIN DEL MUNDO. This was to be the original film we'd intended to make and we had already begun work on before Super Barrio came to light. Santo had started to come into public view a little more around the time we started our film due to the release of some of his films on DVD so we decided to stop production. Nothing worse than over saturation. All that remains are the character designs and some concept art. He was an incredible force in Mexican cinema of that genre and maintained his mystery identity until he was unmasked shortly before his death.

If anyone would like to know more about the legend that is SANTO el enmascerado de plata and now SON OF SANTO (yes his biological son) here are some links

Super Barrio model sheet
Thanks everyone for your kind comments regarding La Vuelta Del Super Barrio.

I am pretty sure that will be my first and last short though. The workload is huge in making an animated short and funding is scarce these days which in turn cuts the team down and means more hours in the studio.

We had 3 animators that worked on the film with us in flash and they converted my bitmap character images to vector for the character animations and another animator who comped for us. Other than most of the character animation i drew everything else myself. I think i spent around 3 months solid designing and working up the backgrounds and characters parallel to the storyboarding and animatic. So i was working in house directing, designing, and animating at the same time. I remember spending around 2 months of solid 14 hour days including most weekends when we were at full pace and had 2 days off for the birth of our first daughter in the middle. Which if you ask anyone else who's made a studio short that's how they go.You need to be an obsessive, insomniac maniac with very very patient friends and family. I'm still interested very much in character and background work but the whole shabang demands way too much sacrifice from everyone. But i had to try it.

I have included some of the background work to the film on my website if anyone is interested. There are some sketchbooks and earlier character designs along with some background artwork and character sheets.

Thanks again for your interest in SB, amigos.
Super Barrio on youtube
La Vuelta Del Super Barrio
Back in the heady days of living, loving, and learning in London long before kids, garden sheds, and moving to Italy i made a short film. Which someone has just put up on youtube. God bless you stranger. I designed, co-wrote, and co-directed this 10 minute short with a good friend of mine video artist Bob Jaroc and production company Slinky Pictures. Super Barrio is a real life larger than life Mexican political activist, peoples hero, and over weight wrestler. He used the popular medium of wrestling in order to communicate his political ideas to the popular masses and give ground level support to the victims of the 1985 mexican earthquake.
In the end title sequence there are some interesting photos of Super Barrio kitted up in his wrestling costume in the presence of The likes of Fidel Castro and Noam Chomsky. The film is Spanish language with English subtitles and was voiced by Super Barrio himself. It contains actual audio recorded especially for your listening pleasure at genuine mexican wrestling matches. Apologies in advance for any foul mouthed wrestling fans that got past our Spanish phrase book knowledge of the language.
guys and dolls
it's what makes the world go round
Dedicated to all the Drawger lovers out there...  turn your love lights on and ride ride ride into the wide blue yonder.... YYEEEEEEHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!
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