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A stack of book covers done for Art Director and friend, Etienne Gilfillan on behalf of academic institution/ publisher Macat. An enjoyable bit of visual problem solving and collaborative thinking with Etienne- many of the titles deal with philosophy, history, anthropology and sociology. M.Gilfillan had twelve million of these things- give or take- to put to bed using his own and other illustrators' talents so I'm not sure that the exercise will have been quite so rewarding for him.
Wright-Mills The Sociological Imagination
Karen Ho Liquidated An Ethnography of Wall Street
late 2015 round-up
A few images from the last few months, some self-promotion pieces, some commissioned.

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A thoroughly enjoyable piece (potboiler,schmotboiler!) on gender stereotyping for Brandeis Magazine
Cwoffee- a paean to the bean

A less gag-cartoony, more oblique approach to Tim Hayward's FT Weekend food column. This was a considered piece about coffee. The writer contends that whilst the coffee we drink has in recent times improved immeasurably, in some of his his more lasting memories involving coffee the brew itself was of variable quality (sometimes downright undrinkable).
An Italian I met recently bemoaned the Chain coffee stores' interpretation of coffee and how English people drank coffee in too large quantities, drowned with milk, a view echoed in this article.
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