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I'm in the Smithsonian
No, I've not been preserved for posterity on account of my cultural significance- I'm in the Smithsonian magazine. Both times AD-ed expertly by Heather P. The fish piece links to this piece of curious research

Fishy roughs
A Q&A piece about 1800's controversial US Presidential election contested by Jefferson & Burr
Fitting in with The Revenant and the prevailing investment climate, here are a few ursine illos (bears, innit), one's for the Telegraph (the AD- Richard D- requesting a Giorgio de Chirico flavour), the other's for the WSJ. It wasn't until we were discussing my roughs that I realised how hackneyed actual bears might be, Thankfully the super AD (Orlie K) seemed to find that my super-literalness fitted the bill.
Here's my personal favourite bears related article

The roughs for the above
A turn page image

Mo Money
A recent batch of Telegraph Money covers. Ably art directed by (personal finace editor) Richard Dyson
The Government introduced tax legislation to snuff out the buy-to-let market

When to buy Euros as the price drops vs the £ sterling
Forecasts about commerce of the future

HMRC (the UK's IRS, the taxman, perennially bowler-hatted) is all set to have automatic access to personal banking transactions, claiming revenue even before a return has been filed.

Book covers
A stack of book covers done for Art Director and friend, Etienne Gilfillan on behalf of academic institution/ publisher Macat. An enjoyable bit of visual problem solving and collaborative thinking with Etienne- many of the titles deal with philosophy, history, anthropology and sociology. M.Gilfillan had twelve million of these things- give or take- to put to bed using his own and other illustrators' talents so I'm not sure that the exercise will have been quite so rewarding for him.
Wright-Mills The Sociological Imagination
Karen Ho Liquidated An Ethnography of Wall Street
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