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One of these days August 13 I’ll get back to posting something less work-y but for the moment, it’s another batch of editorial... Vacation (slight return) July 8 Another extended absence from Drawger and not much to show for it but a collection of illustrations (hey, what more... How to Live to 100 June 4 Some more busy editorial pieces from recent weeks (I will try and dig out some calmer, conceptual images to contrast) Chekhov February 15 A few recent pics. First up a portrait of my favourite short story writer (and second fave Lieutenant from the USS... Mail shot January 23 Who can resist when an AD says, 'I was thinking of maybe a giant robot destroying a city'? The subject of... Bulgarians January 14 I did a lot of storyboarding for advertising five or six years ago, I made a conscious decision to let that side of my... Some December 10 Recent images commissioned and otherwise.The avalanche of gifts one is for a Guardian (UK newspaper) section cover on... Some more November 19 Music themed portraits for your viewing pleasure. First up we've Brazilian muso colossus, Chico Buarque. His 1971 Long... Crumb on advertising November 8 Here's an interesting piece from R.Crumb in response to an advertising magazine's entreaty that he do a cover for them.... No November 5 family illness to peg a post around so I guess I'll have to focus on worky stuff. A few weeks back, a client that I... Sheller October 18 Something from my recent archives and this time I’ll spare delicate readers the vomity anecdotage that stank out... Dash October 4 Still lost on my extended portrait riff. The attached image is of Dashiell Hammett. Tried to avoid too many Noir-ish... Very September 14 little excuse for not showing my face round here for over a month. I could blame it on the fact a belated summer has... I've been itching July 31 to test myself with a bit of portraiture.It's not that great a leap for me as it might seem (or might've seemed a few... AOI award July 10 On Thursday I went up to London for the first time in eighteen months. I traipsed around in the rain walking from Tate... Hut June 12 Embracing the coastal life, we decided to rent a beach hut for the week. For the unitiated, the beach hut (or the twee... Double Piggyback April 11 Drink deep!The image is old but I thought I'd post it (it's already kicking about my gallery here and on illoz) cos... Two things... March 30 To make your life more complete. Ok I don't usually get hung up on material possessions but lately I've been obsessing... What do you reckon? March 5 A potty-training book with an anthropomorphic, singing star. I think I've hit paydirt here... New Porkers February 21 Another question for NY Drawgers (again relating to that project I'm desperate to finish). Can you think of any... What keeps you awake at night? February 19 Other than monkeys dressed as bellhops tip-tap-tapping at the window (see fig.1), neck pain and wrist ache, nightmarish... A question, American sports fans... February 16 Can anyone tell me which of the two NY (gridiron) football teams is most synonymous with NYC? Do both teams (or does... Charles Eames busted up my neck February 15 Ok, so I didn’t go toe-to-toe Graeco-Roman wrestling with the guy (what a story that might’ve been). But...
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