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April April 28 More recent offerings. Am rather enjoying working with the New Republic (I was midway through a cover about a month... Citizens of the world! May 13 How've you been? I've been busy with potty training (I thought it was about time), visiting the Jurassic... And so... March 12 ...another two months slip by without a post. I feel like I've neglected to call my parents- the longer the time passes... Yo yo yo January 21 A few pot boilers. Fairly interesting subjects. Happy New Year January 6 Happy New Year, Citizens of the Drawgerverse Am still pleasantly bleary from the Xmas break. I'll start getting... Thought December 2 Thought I'd try not to leave it two months between posts so here are a few recent pieces. The first is for Brown... Another November 18 ...'Best of' from the last few months featuring- as always- a gift of an assignment from SooJin B and a few conceptual... Once more September 22 I'm phoning-in my Drawger contribution by just showing you the best of this month's editorial stuff rather than giving... One of these days August 13 I’ll get back to posting something less work-y but for the moment, it’s another batch of editorial... Vacation (slight return) July 8 Another extended absence from Drawger and not much to show for it but a collection of illustrations (hey, what more... How to Live to 100 June 4 Some more busy editorial pieces from recent weeks (I will try and dig out some calmer, conceptual images to contrast) Slow May 19 A section cover for the (UK) Guardian newspaper on the subject of Slow Working. The article's author investigates the... A busy April 30 busy month resulting in plenty of RSI in my arm and wrist. To counter it I'm popping codeine and ibuprofen and curbing... NY April 7 It's taken me a while to post since getting back from New York; a heavy workload and a heavier cold have kept me away.... Shared palettes March 5 Some more editorial pieces. The first is for my favourite AD, SooJin Buzelli at PLANSPONSOR. This one's about going... Horses February 21 Some recent editorial ones that I've got a kick out of.The horses piece was for the New Statesman to go with a piece... Chekhov February 15 A few recent pics. First up a portrait of my favourite short story writer (and second fave Lieutenant from the USS... One year on February 12 When Leo invited me along to Drawger last February I really didn't have that much of an idea about the place and my... Mail shot January 23 Who can resist when an AD says, 'I was thinking of maybe a giant robot destroying a city'? The subject of... Bulgarians January 14 I did a lot of storyboarding for advertising five or six years ago, I made a conscious decision to let that side of my... Happy New Year January 5 When does it become a bit tired to be wishing people happy new year? Here's hoping I can keep doling out the 'Happy New... Some December 10 Recent images commissioned and otherwise.The avalanche of gifts one is for a Guardian (UK newspaper) section cover on... Some more November 19 Music themed portraits for your viewing pleasure. First up we've Brazilian muso colossus, Chico Buarque. His 1971 Long... No November 5 family illness to peg a post around so I guess I'll have to focus on worky stuff. A few weeks back, a client that I... Sheller October 18 Something from my recent archives and this time I’ll spare delicate readers the vomity anecdotage that stank out... Dash October 4 Still lost on my extended portrait riff. The attached image is of Dashiell Hammett. Tried to avoid too many Noir-ish... Fashionista September 21 WSJ (Europe) called with a v pleasant assignment last week. I think they'd got in touch off the back of my vaguely... Very September 14 little excuse for not showing my face round here for over a month. I could blame it on the fact a belated summer has... Piggybacking August 7 Rob's post, I thought I'd offer up my latest billet doux to SooJin at Plansponsor. She's just so chilled it's... A couple July 16 of recent assignments, posted, more than anything to bump that picture of my trophy down the running order on my front... Beached July 4 A gift of an assignment from top-notch AD Etienne Gilfillan from Strange Phenomena/ Conspiracy Theory magazine, Fortean... A spot June 15 For my new fave AD, SooJin B. This one was to accompany a survey so the theme was 'gathering different voices'. In some... An eventful week May 28 Well, more like a week of blissful inactivity with a violent coda.The week relaxing was spent in darkest Somerset with... Line not dead May 11 As a counterpoint to the last post, here's one where the AD was having none of my textured, artsy, graphic shenanigans... Two, Three, Four- May 9 It's difficult trying to foist a new way of working on clients who already associate you with working in a particular... Taxidermy May 2 A very satisfying job...The AD- SooJin Buzelli- gave me the instruction, 'think of it as being a portfolio piece and... Screenprint April 24 Seeing Linzie's lovely screenprints transported me back to college days. I was more of an etchings man on my BA(Hons)... Line begone! April 19 More vacillating between using and avoiding line. This is a regular job that I mentioned before (as predicted the... An English faux pas April 16 Apparently it's a big no-no to blurt out how much you're earning in Britain (well it is a trifle vulgar). The French... Illoz rocks March 31 My first assignment through the mighty Illoz.com came in on Tuesday  from a US airline magazine. The Design... Rent-a-mob March 28 You want a crowd? Who you gonna call? The headline was something like, 'It's time for the rich to pay' and once I'd got... Kiev Clinch March 19 This assignment was to accompany a short story but I really didn't want to render it in my usual way so opted for... Ordering out March 9 So what shall we get, guys? Thai? chinese? Two kids under 3, new town with limited baby sitting circle means that we've... Happy Purim! March 2 A piece for the Jewish Chronicle that's allowed me to - ahem- brush up my old testament knowledge. The writer's updated... Old Lady with a stick February 27 Thought I'd post something to show a bit of the (slightly uptight) process behind my work. This isn't maybe the best... What a difference an AD makes February 24 I do a couple of spots every fortnight for a personnel magazine.  Sometimes it can feel a bit hack-ish,... Potboilers February 20 I’m a regular droring machineHere’s my output for the last four days. I’m nothing if not productive.... Caricatura obscura February 12 The Fiery Furnaces and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records). Chosen as subjects purely because I dig some of... Po Man's Poe February 12 Thought I'd chime in with my own Poe- neither as sumptuous as Scott's nor as graphically sublime as Steve's. Infact... Baby Boomers February 9 Another interesting bit of copy (a rarity amongst much of my steady editorial stuff). This time it’s about Baby...
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