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The computer ate my homework
So I had this long entry prepared (roughed out in Apple Mail for some reason and saved in my drafts folder) but I seem to've accidentally wiped it. It's probably just as well. I can't recall the post exactly but I will probably have been blethering on about 2010 not being the most bountiful year of my decade of freelancing and how- having resisted it for years- I'd being doing a bit of lecturing and tuition work. And I'll have been saying about how impressed I was with American students (in the charm stakes as much as anything) versus their often painfully unforthcoming British counterparts. But it's maybe better that such musings have vanished.

A general thank you to the staff and students at AUCB (The Arts University College at Bournemouth), the University of Plymouth and The Arts Center (visiting London from CA) for giving me the opportunity to reflect on my work and to pass on some of my expertise. Assembling a slideshow was a curious experience; something akin to a near death experience having my work life flash before my eyes.

So a tip of my cap (but of course I wear a cap) to Joel Lardner, Lisa Richardson (at AUCB), Ashley Potter (UoP), the staff and studes at Arts Center LA (including the lovely Paul Rogers, Ann Field and Owen Freeman).

Thanks too to the 3x3-ers for awarding me silver in the books category. It was for the Folio Society bunch and I'll show the work in July when the book's published.

A few recent drawings seeing as that's what we're here for.
TTG Luxury Magazine- snaring noo, moneyed clients

rough for the above

Director Magazine- beastly US corporations snaffling up plucky UK institutions (e.g. Kraft and their dastardly plans to make Cadbury's chocolate taste like Hersheys. Eeuw)

Rough for the above
Fortean Times- Foreign Accent Syndrome. Head trauma leading to patients adopting strange accents...

Kiplingers Magazine. AD-ed by the exceedingly nice Beth Rosenfeld

microscopic roughs for the above

A standard heavy concept image (for NRPN, a Financial Times regional title). Not a pioneering pic but I dig the lighting

Now here's a curio (and to prove I can still do the old Ligne Claire comix style) for cult Belgian kids' title Spirou. Fans of my earlier work will be screaming at the screen- 'Now this is the sort of thing you should be doing! Not all that texture-y, po-faced stuff!'

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