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US attitudes to Britain post Gulf oil spill (New Republic magazine, AD Joe Heroun)

What's this? Two posts in as many months?! This takes me back to my giddy early blogging days way back in 2007 when my gauche logorrhea knew no bounds. I was positively proto Twitter-y.
The image above is for the New Republic, AD-ed with aplomb by Joe Heroun; I was given free rein initially and the only comments made were relevant and insightful (crazy, I know!). Granted, it's a rather offhand take on the catastrophic Gulf oil spill- equating it with a dog fouling the carpet- but the thrust of the fascinating article is towards the recent bout of US Brit-bashing, rather than the environmental calamity that provoked it. The author, Geoffrey Wheatcroft looks at the 'Special' (often unrequited) relationship between the UK and the US. The Brits are characterized as being rather needy with the Yanks more ambivalent. The original article should be in the current issue of the New Republic on newsstands now. Or to New Republic subscribers here.
Next up is a piece for SooJin Buzelli at PLANADVISER (their shouty caps, not mine), AD-ed with her usual lightness of touch. Here the key words given to me were 'denial' and 'making problems for oneself'. The appealing Three Wise Monkeys in the roughs were sadly bumped at the last mo but I think the tool (arf) sawing through the branch makes for a more direct image.
dog roughs


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