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August 2010

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010
Ah! my proud beauties! How goes it? Bejaysus, it's September already. Here's August's batch. The first's for my old mucker, John Belknap at the Jewish Chronicle, filling in for their Comment artist Andrzej Krauze (see some of his work here and read more about him here). Also some stuff for St SooJin at PLANSPONSOR and ai5000, a bunch for Mason Hastie at Calgary's 'Avenue' magazine, one for Kyle Schettler at Organic Gardening and a selection for the ever-lovely Beth Rosenfeld at Kiplingers, plus my first assignment for the Washington Post (thanks to Diamond James and Michelle Chu). Apologies for splurging so many images at once. I'll understand if scrolling down gets tiring and you give up.
the Anglicization of European Jewish immigrants' names (Jewish Chronicle). This one's easy on the texture since it appears on newsprint

PLANSPONSOR- pension funds being titchier than expected

SooJin proved resistant to my efforts to influence her decision. I tried to push her towards an image of someone retrieving miniature laundry from a tumble drier. Btw, that minscule caption says 'pick me'. At this size it looks like an obscene exhortation.

Again for SooJin, here with online magazine ai5000 (HERE'S how it looks on page)

For AD Mason Hastie for a feature on Calgary's affordable housing crisis. Apparently those Calgarians (sounds v Babylon 5) think of nothing but...

Spots (3 of the five used) for the same article- urban sprawl, class divisions and NIMBY-ism)

Organic Gardening- organic maintenance of US college football pitches

The first of four for Kiplingers Magazine. In common with all of the above assignments this was ADed with an expert lightness of touch.

Kiplingers roughs

For the Washington Journal (AD-ed by Michelle Chu and Diamond James). A piece on whether pricey wines are necessarily better than their dirt-cheap counterparts (the answer- 'sorta'). The image appeared across a double page with the gutter falling to the right of teh right hand bottle neck.

The delivery of this one wasn't _quite_ so straight forward as some of the others posted above but the directions given were all intelligent, considered and, on reflection necessary.