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Maciej Jedrysik
I enjoyed Elwood H Smith's comment on Zimm's Big Announcement (HERE) about obscure posts continuing to resonate long beyond their original broadcast; this week I had an email from a Polish artist by the name of Maciej Jedrysik whose stamps I'd gushed over (HERE) in one of my early 2007 Drawger posts.
Mr Jedrysik thanked me for my 'moderately warm opinion'. I can't work out if that's an exquisitely subtle dig or if Mr Jedrysik's imperfect English has accidentally introduced a backhanded emphasis. Either way, I love it and I feel an inordinate pride that Mr Jedrysik (possibly idly Googling his own name;) chanced upon my post and got in touch. As he puts it, it's akin to finding a message in a bottle.
Mr Jedrysik's WEBSITE shows that the charming zodiac stamps weren't a fluke. He has a nice line in graphic wit that puts me in mind of Tomi Ungerer and his picture book watercolours are very pretty.
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