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A bunch of recent editorial work to prove- sort of- that I'm still alive. Flu wiped me out over Christmas but I've recovered and am once more bursting with my usual joi de vivre. Heh. Happy new year, every last one of you. This article's entitled '2011' but I'm hoping it won't be my only post of the year.
For the super Joe Heroun at The New Republic. About hipster douchebags' relationship with modern cook books. The article suggests that lavishly designed celeb-chef penned contemporary recipe books are lifestyle accessories rather than instructional manuals (who knoo?)

Joe wanted to emphasize the gastroporn angle. I felt that hipsters surrounded by trendy cookbooks but only able to work a microwave was a bit subtler

For Paul Tansley at the Financial Times Weekend mag. A nice regular series. I'll try and post a few more that I've done. This is about shift seatings in NY restaurants
roughs for the above
For Kate Harkus at Wind Power (?) magazine. China is turning into a huge producer of wind energy, apparently.

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