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A recent batch for a magazine called, 'Therapy Today' (Sister publications, presumably, 'Psychological Harm Doled Out By Your Parents Yesterday' and 'Medication Tomorrow'). The articles were genuinely stimulating so I wasn't just being sycophantic when I said as much in this Meet The Artist Q & A.
My sister who is training to be a therapist tells me that she's a subscriber. Even if I'm jaded about seeing my work in print it's always heartening to have work appear in obscure titles that friends or relatives follow. I remember one of my first paid jobs back in 1999 for Reader's Digest going some way to convince my RD-subscribing prospective inlaws that I wasn't a complete deadbeat. My laconic, now-Father-In-Law, a retired farmer, expressed indulgent bewilderment that someone should be paid for drawing cartoons. 'Well Done!' he said, as though I were involved in some sort of racket that I should milk for as long as it lasted. In some ways, he had a point.
The cover- the article's about 'Wild Therapy', approaches to therapy that address the unsustainablity and artificiality of modern society and how this affects the individual.

An interior image, again on 'Wild Therapy'

'Tango'- an article drawing parallels between the performance of the tango and therapy sessions

Treating sexual addiction: self destructive compulsions

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