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Come on you squares, take off your socks and run about on the lawn!
Some recent illustrations to keep my hand in and justify my yearly Drawger subs. I'm keen to post about a recently completed assignment- a new book for the Folio Society- but we'll have to wait until it's published- November time, possibly. Going on the infrequency of my broadcasts that'll be my next post. I've also just handed in some photos of my studio to Charles Hively at 3x3 Magazine. I agonized for what seemed like weeks, paralysed by self-consciousness as to whether my work space looked sufficiently recherché. I just about resisted the temptation to kit out the studio with a job lot of scruffy taxidermy pieces I'd seen in a local antiques shop. Indulge my amour propre gentle reader if you get a chance to see the feature (frchrissakes, there's artfully arranged Succulent plants where normally there'd only be stacks of roughs and receipts!). And don't think me too much of a tool as you peruse my arch, effete responses to the Q&A. The inimitable Steve Wacksman wrote the accompanying text. Given my maddening evasiveness in our conversations about my work he's done a bang-up job.
For Organic Gardening Magazine (AD Gavin Robinson)- the joys of getting nekkid and grubby (footwise) in the garden

For Kiplingers Magazine (AD MP Doherty)- uncovering evidence of insider trading

Kiplingers, again, managing one's Social Networking tools and getting the best vacation deals

Kiplingers roughs
For SooJin Buzelli at ai-CIO. A portrait of pension fund manager, Roger Gray

Roughs for the above
More examples of a weekly (ish) job for FT Weekend magazine (ADs Paul Tansley/ Shannon Gibson). The column is by a French-based Brit bon viveur by the name of Paul Betts, an engaging, name-dropping, francophile. What's not to love?

Roughs for the above, on the subject of haut cuisine at Roland Garros.

Les restaurants pour les chiens

An example of how indistinguishable my roughs can be from the finished artwork

Mr Betts wrote about 3 Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant, Arpège, which had bouquets of leeks on the tables instead of flowers and offered a supposedly aphrodisiac garlic creme brullee. The writer found the dessert to be anything but stimulating hence the flaccid poireaux.

For SJB again, this time at PLANSPONSOR . A story about a worker faking a cardiac arrest in order to spend more time on the golf course.

roughs for the above

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