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MAY 1, 2015
SooJin Buzelli received an award earlier this year- the Richard Gangel Art Director Award- from the Society of Illustrators. Recognition for promoting and nurturing illustration comes as no surprise to me. SooJin is- for many illustrators- the model AD; trusting and authoritative, instinctive yet reasoned, she directs with a supreme lightness of touch.
Perhaps the content of the titles she oversees helps. The copy often consists of abstruse financial forecasting, forbidding to the layman. In the initial commission the article is summarized in broad conceptual strokes for the benefit of the illustrator. Being given a broad theme rather than agonising over specifics is- for me- a fascinatingly free way of creating imagery.
This piece from last year may be a fairly unremarkable assignment in many ways but the enthusiasm I felt towards the job- evident in the reams of rough ideas I happily delivered- and feel towards the vast majority of assignments I get from SooJin- is noteworthy and is reflected in the pride I had in executing the piece. Much of this has to do with SooJin's communication skills and creative judgment.
Finished artwork

roughs batch 1

roughs round 2: pop-up world, lift to the moon