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AUGUST 5, 2015

Some recent pieces for the Telegraph newspaper's money section. So far, they've been a rather good client: sympathetic, and undemanding (give or take a few justified amends). Also, crucially, I'm enjoying the work.
1st round of roughs on pension choices (various suitors (financial advisors) vying for investors' attention).
From beauty contests (their idea, honest, though I rather relished doing something with the unreconstructed Miss World scenario) and dog shows...
...we moved on to consumer choice (supermarket ranges), different means of achieving similar ends (food utensils) to the final image of a princess choosing a prospective prince...

The canny HMRC (the Taxman/ IRS) has identied payment in dividends being an underexploited form of tax revenue.
For some reason I went all farm yard-y and submitted fox/henhouse and lowly dairy farmer having his milk siphoned off by a government tanker driver...

Rather more signposted this one. Labelling notwithstanding, I like many elements here.