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What's Left...?

FEBRUARY 7, 2007
Another editorial piece, another cast-of-thousands crowd scene (my stock in trade- though sometimes I wish that it weren’t). It looks a bit busy and disjointed compositionally but worked well on page. Enjoyed the copy here- an excerpt from the book 'What's Left?' by Nick Cohen which seemed to sum up my own unease about the anti-War demos here in the UK. Don’t get me wrong- I was instinctively anti-war but the attitudes of the hard-left groups who led the demos (and the alliances that they're prepared to make) are- to me- very disquieting. Cohen looks at the way that Marxists and- by association- Guardian/ NY Times-reading intelligent liberals are prepared to connive at, or cosy up to tyrants, bigots and religious maniacs in the interests of anti-capitalism. Full-disclosure: I was a middleclass, provincial, teenage Troskyite which has turned me into a 30-something cynic who wishes that he could better hang onto his principles.