A.Richard Allen
Baby Boomers
Baby Boomers
Another interesting bit of copy (a rarity amongst much of my steady editorial stuff). This time it’s about Baby Boomers. The author of the piece (himself a BB) was bemoaning that his contemporaries- now today’s world leaders- are a whiny, touchy, self-absorbed, insecure lot who refuse to grow old gracefully. And they’ve made society in their image: all about instant gratification and everything overly regulated and signposted (this last point lost me a bit but we’ll allow the author to go a bit tangential). I don’t necessarily agree with the thrust of the piece but it was an absorbing bit of sociological riffing. The peripheral figures here are a bit ropily rendered (what can I say? it was an overnight deadline) but I quite like the expressions on a few of the Boomers.
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