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Archaeology. You dig?
cover (c) 1999
Here’s a student work time-capsule I’ve just exhumed from a damp box in my garage (Plan chests? Pah! I laugh at your plan chests, puny humans!). They’re from a former (postgrad student) existence (c1999) so I cringe at the gauche linework and to my mind they just reek of pre-Millennium Dan Clowes and Chris Ware (maybe not thematically but in tone- misanthropic, angsty, navel-gazing). And mildew. Really, I must clear out that garage.

The book was called ‘How Is The World?…’ This is pre-Photoshop so it’s all inked, photocopied onto acetate and painted in gouache. Not sure why the Jack Chick-esque cover layout. Nor the road marking back covers...

I got a bit of interest from a comix-expert professor who was all for supporting my self-publishing efforts, Art Spiegelman sent a sweet note when I fired a sample copy of the book his way and a cutting edge London graphics boutique agreed to stock some screenprinted versions, but soon my natural indolence set in and it all just fizzled out.

I keep meaning to revisit comix but I’ve been finding all manner of excuses not to. Chief amongst them being my brain feels wrung out after years of editorial.

Apologies for inflicting such stuff on you, gentle reader.
Samuel Beckett at Sea?
'Tableux Vivants' is the work I'm searching for in frame 1. I like to think that 'Lost' ripped off my idea for golf on a desert island
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