A.Richard Allen
A question, American sports fans...
Of course 'football' means something completely different round these parts...
Can anyone tell me which of the two NY (gridiron) football teams is most synonymous with NYC? Do both teams (or does one in particular) have that connection with the city that- say- the NY Yankees/ Mets or the Knicks have? Or does the Giants/ Jets playing in NJ make them geographically/ spiritually apart from the city?

 I'm trying to finish off a NYC-centered project that I've had on the back-burner for longer than I care to remember . What I thought was a killer concept/ possible winning kid's book a few year's back has become a millstone and I'm just desperate to chalk it off and get on with my life. And I just need a little local knowledge as one of the possible images was to be set in a football stadium.

Hope that makes some sort of sense...
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