A.Richard Allen
Summer scratchings
I fell into a bit of a rabbit hole back there. WhadImiss?

And what to show for my absence? I spent time with ver fambly. I made some sorbets. I painted the dining room and trimmed the hedge. I built a headboard. I drew a folder of picture book images (scratchy pen and ink, no PShop post-production: I've put a gallery of them up over at Illoz). On holiday in the Somerset Quantocks I did some foraging for hedgerow food- getting in touch with my inner Neanderthal/ Montana militia man. I got me a bike too; a generous hand-me down from my bike-mad Dad, though, truth be told, I was really after a tatty old warhorse for trips to the shop. Now I need a trailer to cart around a lock for the thing. Does that mean I joined the velophile Drawger peloton? At least until I stow the thing in the garage and shift my obsessive, fickle gaze to- say- learning the sitar.
One of my new images with picture books in mind. No Photoshoppery
For Wanderlust Magazine (the semi-mythical Scottish delicacy The Deep-Fried Mars Bar generosity on the streets of Delhi)
Another pen & ink-er
editorial potboilers (nice ones, mind) for fDI magazine
A profile of Recipe Archivist, Janet Clarkson for Fine Cooking Magazine (AD-ed expertly by Pamela Winn). I did a questionnaire for a Contributor's Profile where I revealed myself to be the (heterosexual) world's biggest food ponce.
Roughs for several images for AD Beth Rosenthal at Kiplingers- lovely to do some pattern-y stuff
finished art for the above
Obligatory PLANSPONSOR image for the legendary SooJin B. This one's about things that the youth of today take for granted
And we'll end on another pen & ink image. I know these don't really have the design sophistication or depth of colour of some of my other work but I'm trying to go for something more off-the-cuff and whimsical. We'll see how it goes...
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