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Happy new year! As the snow tumbles feebly outside I thought I should check in to Drawger at least once in 2010. I'm itching to display some of the stuff I've done for the Folio Society but if I showed you, I'd have to track each of you down and rub you out. And I'm a busy chap. How are you all?

For the NY Times Book Review and AD Nicholas Blechman. The book is 'Becoming Jane Eyre' By Sheila Kohler. Charlotte Bronte is spurred on to write whilst caring for her father who has had an operation to remove his cataracts...
Roughs for the above
For SooJin B at PLANSPONSOR. This one's about the lack of medical insurance for early retirees
For The Times on erectile dysfunction and how, for middle-aged men it can be the harbinger of more serious health problems. There were going to be three signs but the last (risk of death) was seen as confusing.
For BusinessWeek (Don Besom). Feature on how venture capitalists, used to doling out vast sums of money, need to give funds in a much more controlled way when helping small businesses.
Pipettes- I'm told- are a bit played out in this context
For Graham Berridge at Wanderlust. The skies of Chile are, apparently, great for star-gazing. Here, the writer spots constellations (or rather 'gaps') that resemble llamas,armadillos, foxes, Bob Dylan and a man riding a turtle
For Fine Cooking- a profile of photographer Carl Warner who constructs landscapes from food, Arcimboldo-stylee
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