A.Richard Allen
Q1 2010
Time for my quarterly despatch, folks

The last few months have been taken up with trying to push my repeat pattern/ design work after some interest from a housewares company. It's been a big excuse to do alot of self-directed, decorative stuff, much of which I haven't a clue how to use yet. But process is always good, right (or is that progress?) Am really keen on doing some actual textiles work (rather than just pshopping) but we all know what a flibbertygibbet, Mr Toad-type I am so that may not last. Also there's been the Folio Society images- done and dusted and out in July. Will post something about that nearer the time.

A few visits to London have left me feeling a bit wistful for city life and the happening London Scene (daddio). A two hour train ride to the Smoke puts a bit of an obstacle in the way of networking or flaneur-ing. Mind, that's me reimagining myself as the great schmoozer rather than the spasmodically sociable narcissist that I really am.
A piece for Gavin Robinson at Organic Gardening. About symbiosis between plant roots and mycelia.
Choosing schools for your wee'uns- for Jack Cunningham at Sainsbury's Magazine
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