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Petworth House painting exhibition March 25- May 21 2017

APRIL 8, 2017
Since Drawger is an illustration blog, I am hoping to post some more about illustration soon. In the meantime here’s a coda to my Landscape Artist of the Year 2016 win - my first solo painting show at Petworth House in West Sussex started on 25 March and runs until 21 May. If you happen to be in England during this time do call in. That makes it sound like I'm permanently on hand. I'm not. It’s a beautiful location, a favourite of Turner's. There's a mansion housing a huge collection of old masters, with rambling deer parks and formal gardens. And there are my paintings, of course. A cross section of my work from the last five or so years- all presented beautifully. There’s a catalogue on my website (prices of works still available on request, hustle, hustle).
I’m aiming to keep the momentum going with shows scheduled in Henley-on-Thames, Shropshire, London,and Cumbria over the year.
photo (c) J Bown

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