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2017 round up

JANUARY 2, 2018
One of a run of four double page spreads for Monocle Magazine. This one's about Tunisia
For the Telegraph- Buyer's Remorse. Sure I default to drawing dogs, what of it?
Guardian- Devorah Baum's 'Long Read' on the burden of guilt
Telegraph Money- Getting one's finance's in shape (so this will probably have been for this time last year)
PR Snafus (Currents Magazine, Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE))
Telegraph Money- Mortgage rae hikes leading to homelessness
Telegraph Money- divorce later in life
Jewish Chronicle- Americanisms drowning out native UK slang
Neato concept.
Berenberg magazine in the old ligne claire style
Happy 2018, all! So long has it been since I last put something up (my catchphrase for my last eleven years of Drawger) that I'd missed the rather fetching site redesign. Here's a splurge of my editorial highlights from 2017
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