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I've been fooling around a bit with attempting to merge my various stylistic approaches, being less rigid about how I apply them.  Mainly, this has meant bringing in more texture to the one and more simple design to the other.  Ideally I'll ultimately simply relax about it all and simply take the direction that makes the most sense.

This is a cover I just did for Ronn Campisi.  It was tough in that the deadline was super fast and the subject a bit... abstract.  It's also one of those subjects (law) that takes every ounce of effort to avoid the cliched iconography.

Here's another one for Ronn, for Bostonia Magazine.  Another tough one but with a bit more relaxed deadline, about Societal Engineering. 

One for SooJin Buzelli.  Sort of the other approach, striving for simple graphic approach.  I think this one was about the denial one arrives at when considering retirement possibilities, but as we all know SooJin basically gave me the line "stuck at a crossroads".

These two images (above and below) were done for an ad campaign for ITAU bank in São Paolo.  I recently learned that the one above was accepted into the latest S.O.I. advertising show. The one below was originally made for a magazine and they wanted to use it for this campaign, so I reworked it.  They also animated this piece apparently for t.v. panels in the airport and stuff, but I haven't seen it.
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