Adam McCauley
Where No Man Has Gone Again
My first comic in an ongoing series for, Star Drek, is now live. Please click the link to see the entire piece.

Irene Gallo first talked to me about doing some of these when I was out in NY in February, so when I returned I began tinkering around with ideas.  With a fantasy/sci-fi emphasis at Tor, I found as I began noodling that my inner-geek was surprisingly alive and well.  Researching Star Trek bought endless mirth to me, but I now have a ton of new ideas to develop (kind of scary really, the sci-fi fantasy world that still exists within).
The sketch: I ended up swapping out Guhuru and Blingon for compositional purposes, for better or for worse.  I almost went with Suluhuru, but it didn't get me anywhere. I have to say that something weird happened on this in that I normally consider myself a crappy caricaturist, but for some reason I think I was able to nail Bones without a lot of effort, and even Bjork was sort of close, considering she was grey and bald and devoid of futile resistance and all that.  Of course that swan gown is a massive crutch (re:gift), but hey what's a half-baked caricaturist to do?

And, on a different note, here's a YA book cover I did for Irene late last year.  The kid is a young zombie, gotta love him.  Apparently this book has really taken off , so I'm presently at work on the sequel's cover. 

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