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Feudalism, Structure and Pagans

These are a couple of recently completed cover project designs I did with The Folio Society.
This cover above was for a book about the feudalist economic system of medieval Europe.  The art director requested a way to sort of diagram the order of the feudalist rule; essentially, the King rules the Squires, who in turn rule the Knights, who in turn rule the Peasants.  I found the inspiration visually from illustrated manuscripts of the time, which often stacked royalty and knights in sort of vaguely castle-like border framework.
This piece will be screen-printed in gold ink on black book cloth, like the books below.

I illustrated this set for Folio in 2009, and they finally recently sent me ten sets!  Man, this publisher knows how to make a book.  These shine like gold bullion; the enclosing case is printed in gold foil.  Really sweet.

The other new cover for them is for a book by J.E.Gordon about Structure.  Delving into all aspects of structural systems, from bridges, dams and buildings to sea shells, feathers and dressmaking.  Another 2-color book, they left it open as to which 2 colors I wanted to pursue.  I was hoping to get as abstract as I could with this.  Here are some of the sketches.
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Above is the cover image they went with.  It was inspired by Joseph Stella's "New York Interpretted".
The art director also had me design some dingbats for the spine.  One is a simple logo for the book, the other a "structural" version of Folio Society's "FS" imprint logo that they place on all of their spines.
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