Adam McCauley
Baja Sketchbook

These are images from a sketchbook I kept while in Baja California Sur on vacation this spring/summer.  A vacation much needed; all Cynthia and I did was loll about in a lovely part of the world where the desert meets the sea. The light is magical, the food is incredible, the people are gentle, mellow and kind.
Todos Santos is a beautiful, tiny little town a half a mile in from long sand beaches where sea tortugas come to lay their eggs and surfers come from the world over to enjoy the rather intense, current-strong waves.  Scrubby, cactus laden desert blankets the landscape, dusty dirt roads cut through to the sea and up on to the toothy and majestic Sierra de la Laguna mountains.
Grilled and smoked marlin, dorado, prawns and tiny, luscious scallops populate the stuffed poblanos, quesadillas and flautas, slathered in fiery roasted salsas and, unique to this area of Mexico, drizzled with basil pesto and curried salt.  Margaritas are especially good around here too; a ton of extra lime juice is used.
If you haven't yet, - go!!!

All images contained within this post ©Adam McCauley

That's Gregorio Rodriguez there in the shadows of the palapa.  He enjoys bar tending at one of the better bar locations on the planet: the back pool deck at the Hacienda Cerritos; he made us many excellent drinks and entertained us with stories of the area. Desert: life is hard - Ocean: life is good.
Have a great summer, everybody.
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