Adam McCauley
Equal Rights
This was commissioned by the most excellent Lisa Sergi at Brown Alumnae Magazine. The article was an essay by Ruth Simmons, a former president of the University, and her reflections and analysis of MLK's influence on her life.

This was one of the sketches that I sent Lisa, a portrait of MLK.  I knew this would be labor intensive, so I first quickly did this as a way to have something to run by her to see if it was something that would work for her layout.

I also sent this as an alternative idea, using the simplicity of "equality".  We both agreed the portrait was a more elegant solution.  This image works well maybe for a more general idea of equal rights, so perhaps a good image for pride day if I segregrated the sexes?

A detail.
Lots and lots of little heads.  I'm not going to count how many.
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