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Thumbnails for , 2010 Hartford Stage Poster

MAY 6, 2010
Okay, here are the new candidates for the 2010 poster.. Trying to make up our minds on which one would be the best. Let me know your thoughts on whats working.. whats not. Thanks!
Thumbnails for 2010's Hartford Stage "A Christmas Carol." © Bill Mayer 2010
Here are the thumbnails for last years "A Christmas Carol" at the Hartford Stage, notice the little "Rotten Earth" has showed up as Tiny Tim's head. Starting on the New Poster for 2010's "A Christmas Carol." This will be the thirteenth year! I always pull from old thumbnails just to get a sense of where I left off...
the 2009 "A Cristmas Carol" Poster for Hartford Stage Best of Show winner Society of Illustrators LA © Bill Mayer 2009