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2010 Hartford Stage Poster

Nice but could have been a contender...© Bill Mayer 2010

A few of you guys may remember back in May when I posted thumbnails for the 2010 poster for Harford Stage. I was pretty excited about several of the directions that I had come up with. As usual they were nervous and wanted to see a more family oriented direction. I did several more thumbnails and sent them. Periodically, I called them, persistent, but finally gave up, since my efforts to get some direction seemed a bit like stalking. After many indecisive months, I got a call from the advertising manager at Harford Stage and, after sitting on the thumbnails for over ninety days, they’d decided they wanted to see two of the thumbnail ideas in a tighter sketch form. After just five days, a “go” to take it to final. This is the direction they picked; I worked the ghosts into the reflections on the ornament, subtlety. I am thinking at this point maybe I am giving them too many choices and aiding their indecision. So rule number one…send them maybe three or four thumbnail directions, making them all ones I would like to see go to final. All together I was pleased with the results on the poster. Despite the long exhausting delay, I tried to put some care and enthusiasm into the final.
These are the first round of thumbnails I was so excited to see taken to final. Sorry, I know what scary is, and I just don’t find these that scary. After all, it is a Christmas ghost story…

The second round of thumbnails, certainly less scary, and more family friendly.

Sketches for approval.© Bill Mayer 2010
Close up of ghost reflected in the Ball.© Bill Mayer 2010

The final art. © Bill Mayer 2010