Bill Mayer
COVER FOR PIAUI on floods in Brazil...

I talked with Cecila about this problem... It's because of the developement and little regulation of hardscape and water runoff. There are people getting caught in their car just commuting to work. Over 600 hundred people have drowned in the floods. This is what she wrote me...
"I fell in love with one of your works because it just expresses our collective feeling when we hear the news with all those deaths from floods, rain, landslides. And also that the rains will not stop any time soon... I would like to suggest it the editor as our february cover, We are really terrified with the summer rains. Some people are dying inside their cars in S Paulo's usual traffic jams and here in Rio due to  mud slides. The worst is that heavy summer rains are natural, not a surprise. But the cities are growing too much and too fast and either people construct in places that are dangerous or just construct too much leaving insufficient garden areas to absorb the water... It is a sad situation because people will die again next year." Maria Cecliia Marr
From BBC: "Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral blamed local governments for allowing poor building and illegal occupations." read more on the story...
original image: was distorted to better fit the cover space. © Bill Mayer 2011

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