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OCTOBER 3, 2013
All Art © Bill Mayer 2013

Creative Carnival is back again, this time moving to Chicago. I was thrilled to again do the promotional poster. This past year I had been doing some exploration with little gouach paintings and I had really missed doing some of the "Demented Little Beasties" so I thought it would be a blast to ressurect one for the poster. I kept the type mostly the same. I did send a sketch but only one to make sure the Dia de los Muertos thing was not too morbid.

I was worried it might be too close to last years poster, since the type and feeling was so similar, but they loved that font. I warmed the pallette up really orange and made Chicago in the distance, smoldering... Their only concerns were making the Workbook type as large as possible.
Much thanks to workbook for so much freedom on this. Such a joy.