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Deep Group- Monster Flavor

DECEMBER 11, 2014
MONSTER FLAVOR © Bill Mayer 2014

Great fun project for Dan Stewart at Deep Group. Poster for a school lunch program in Missouri and Kansas... Headline is "Little Burgers, Monster Flavor." I have done these a hundred times and they're still tons of fun. This time I do three... count them, three! thumbnails. Dan picks one from 1, two from 2. Sketch them together. The only change was make sure each monter had at least one burger...

 After the sketch was approved I did the normal airbrush and photoshop art. Adding a few more burgers. Funny thing emerged when I flattened the image to pull a shadow from their outline... BOOBS appeared in the shadow above the head. Okay, completely accidental, but clients think artists do this stuff on pupose so of course I retouched it out.
MONSTER FLAVOR with BOOBS © Bill Mayer 2014

 I thought this was pretty funny...I posted something about it on FB and got some hilarious responses. Facebook. Still laughing anout this one...
detail © Bill Mayer 2014
MONSTER FLAVOR © Bill Mayer 2014

 The final was so clean and sharp, we left the background white. Dan's poster design, very clean. Much fun working on this illo. Thanks to Dan and the Deep Group for sending it my way.