Bill Mayer
Opportunity in Small Things... PlanAdviser
It had been a while since I had a chance to work with SooJin on one of these projects. So happy to get another chance. This one was conceptually challenging and my thumbnails were sort of all over the place. She had requested the airbrush style but said she was open to anything... The breif she sent was: "Opportunity in small things. Or big universe within small world."
I sort of ran in all directions with a batch of random ideas.
This was really pretty funny... I didn't hear back from her... as is a bit unusual, so I am thinking none of the ideas were working. So I sit down and try a different direction. Another thirty or so thumbs and sent them off.
 Okay a couple days go by... I am feeling a little insecure at this point. She obviously doesn't like any of them...
Scratching my head i rocket through another batch of thumbs and send them off. I get an auto reply she's out of town ove r the Holidays... I am an idiot...of course...
Then a quick note that she's waiting to get all the other sketches in from other artists before deciding on directions. I should have remembered she does this. Does not want a magazine filled with fish drawings. Now I am a little embarressed. 
 SooJin got back to us with her picks, so I tightened up a couple of the sketches on the two directions she picked to make it easier to flush out which idea was working better. In the end she liked them both. They were really so simple I decided I could do both and decide later.
One of her concerns was that the hand did not just look like it was in front of the planets. I added some orbit rings to give it depth and help make it more integrated with the hand. On the marble bag I changed the draw string to make it a little more believable. 
 Honestly we liked them both.. couldn't decide if one worked better than the other so we sent them both off . I think SooJin picked the hand. I have to agree it just felt better... We had some discussion about whether or not peiple even remember what marbles were. Somethings some of us are so familiar with but others have no idea about. Makes this concept with the Marbles and bag mabe not really work as well now.Should I put a link for marbles so the students reading this post will have some reference about them. Marble (Dictionary .com) doesn'e even list marbles as a toy.....
Marbles (Urban Dictionary) Brain Cells, son=metimes used to illustrate a lack of....

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