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Oz Resurrection

MARCH 17, 2011
Naturally, © Bill Mayer 2011

Oz Magazine - OzCetera is being resurrected and the owner and friend had called me about doing a cover. We talked about the aspects of the audience they were trying to reach; a lot of the film crews and production people around Atlanta. Kind of a lifestyle magazine for out-of-towner’s on where to go and best places to get a tattoo or a Double Bypass Cheese Burger. I had been working on some new Line and collage drawings and I put them together as a pitch for how I saw the cover of the magazine.  Something like a hip cool New Yorker, witty and entertaining, using a playful way of incorporating the logo into the art. They were discussing the placement of the Oz logo for OzCetera Covers (bi-monthly digital magazine), and we decided to just focus on the actual artwork. The Oz logo will be embedded on the side of the page, more than likely. So we were completely on the same page with how I saw using the art.
here are my little cover comps I put together......Naturally, All Images © Bill Mayer 2011

They loved all of the designs and had trouble making up their minds. They used the tattoo lady on their blog… I guess a sort of pre-launch image teaser. Finally, they did make up their minds and got around to designing their own cover as well and they’re off and running… Here is a detail of how I designed the logos to be a playful part of the art. In this case, the logos as rather naughty pasties.
Naturally, © Bill Mayer 2011
It aint over till the fat lady chokes on the cheeseburger.... Also got picked up and used on the blog/digital magazine OzCetera. I love this little character. Well, full sized charater. What was it they said in Spinal Tap "The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'....." Incidentally that little pup is Glen Bendrick's vicious pile of fluff. Tries to attack and eat me everytime we meet....
Naturally, © Bill Mayer 2011
Cover For Oz Magazine illustration © Bill Mayer 2011

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