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Clichés always work....

DECEMBER 13, 2011

Another fun little project with SooJin, I got a layout and a short note..."let me know if you can fit this in" ..."Year in Preview—Risk Parity (story unavailable) Image: Balanced approach to investing. Hedging risk. Compensating Risk." Clichés always work with these things, and with just a litle twist the thumbnails are flying.I hammered these out in short time but it was so much fun I just couldn't stop at three or four. So twenty five works. Sent them off for SooJin to review...Got another short note that said, "12 please." so blew up the sketch and sent it off and we're off and running.Pretty tight on the deadline so no time to waste. Well maybe a nice walk while I wait for her to respond.

I tried a lot of ideas , did some with the little guy balancing or juggling something dangerous. mainly because of the headline " Balanced approach to investing...hedging risk..." Still like the little guy balancing the knife on his nose. Reminds me of a game we used to play as kids. "Mumbly Peg" Sharp things always atracted me, but Lee says this scares her a bit so better to keep them in the sketchbooks and drawings. I like # 2 ,# 4,and number 23 too ,but these will have to sit it out for now. Number 12  is the winner.

I wanted the water to be dark and murky and the little guy a bit unsettled, so I made the composition tilted to the right almost like the sea was in a storm. I did the little guy and mines in airbrush, everything else digital.I finally got around to looking up mines on google to see what they looked like( wish I had done that sooner) and noticed that in one photo they had chains anchoring them.Of course they were anchored just had not thought of that. so I scanned in a watch chain and distorted it and attached it to the mines from the bottom. I used the tops of the mines and flopped them for the part underwater. darkened, blurred , and they almost look like they fit...

Clichés always work.

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