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Financially Responsible Investing, PLANSPONSOR

MARCH 5, 2013
Financially Responsible Investing, PLANSPONSOR © Bill Mayer 2013

I love how this piece turned out. SooJin, always such a pleasure to work with. Her insights and trust make it hard not to try to do something you can be proud of. This drawing I think is no exception.  The article is about searching for socially responsable investments.
Description from editor—How to get exposure to ESG/SRI (environmental, social and governance / socially responsible investing) principles through ETFs. Topic: ESG/SRI: Various ways to get exposure to ESG/SRI. A new way to look at ETFs? Also, mutual funds, direct investment, collective trusts. If you want to integrate socially responsible investing in your portfolio, the best vehicle for your particular plan. (This is making my head hurt.)
An obvious direction was to explore something to do with nature and an interaction with a human figure. this one we ended up taking to final was the first one, But there were some other images that I really liked as well. I am gussing just keep those in the back of my head for the future.

 I know they're just thumbnails but to me I can see them so vividly in my head...The one in between 10 and 30 didn't get numbered; let's call him "11." (a little storybook Hansel and Gretel factory in the middle of a forest. Maybe flowers or butterflies coming out of the chimney?). 13 or 31 (most of the birds/fish would be dull and rusty but one brilliantly colorful). number 12 (divided; one side all factories and the other a pastoral scene...) SooJin picks One, Two, and Five... Five is just too problematic and I can't really figure out how to make it work...Two and One both work great. I am thinking she picked one because it is less obvious. Something I really like about this choice too. I get to work on a sketch but the figure is so awkward, I decide to completely change the pose.

I like the kind of Deco styalization on the figure so I decided to do the landscape in a hard stylized, kind of two demensional way. This works great. The trees work well... The large trees I pushed to the background. Added some wieght with a dark, still lake and a couple grazing deer. Just seemed like it was necessary. I was pretty happy overall with the way this one looked. Thank you SooJin, aways such a treat working with you.
Financially Responsible Investing, PLANSPONSOR © Bill Mayer 2013

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