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FEBRUARY 13, 2015
 I recently met Torrece Gregoire through my sister Sue.  She goes by the nickname T. Maybe because I I kept massacring her name... Maybe it's just easier.

She's a contestant on the upcoming season of Hell's Kitchen. Such a dynamic personality, I just couldn't resist when she asked me to help out with some poster and T-shirt designs. Certainly sometimes working with clients directly can fall into uncharted waters but this was really a great experience. and the results kind of glowed with that. "Weeded" is her upcoming venture into chefs apparel. I think Weeded is going much, much farther. She's got a kickstarter; if you're so inclined, check it out and donate! Weeded
 We did the design based on a Max Award poster I did earlier in 2008 . T liked the way the lines overlayed each other. I loved this direction too. Limited color would work well for poster and especially T-shirt application.
Forest thought the first set of thumbs were a bit too aggressive so I did a few more a little closer to the Max Awards stuff she had seen before.
Like always I started with the normal 24 thumbnails but this time I decided not to show all of them. I picked my favorites and comped them up tighter. I showed T four and She picked my favorites. 
When we got to the Tshirt application the poster design just wasn't working so we reworked the design and droped the background. I think it was working Much better this way. Two variations of each ,one for a white shirt ,one for black. The colors had to be swapped around a bit but worked much better without the background. The heavy blacks on the "Kitchen Robot" had to be dropped. They worked great on the white shirt but too heavy in white ink on the black shirt
You'll have to tune in to Hell's Kitchen Season 14 and Watch T kick some ass in the kitchen.
Here's her contestant video on the Hell's Kitchen website.
She's still talking about coming over to the house and cooking for us. I can't wait...
Much fun working on this, Thanks Torrece!
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