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MARCH 19, 2015
I just did this really fun project with Mother Jones's art director Carolyn Perot. She had seen an earlier piece I had done for Yankee Magazine on the Green Eyed Flies and one of my alternates was the original inspiration for this illustration.

I wanted to create a kind of bigger than life, War-of-the-Worlds kind of invasion of the beetles.... I did a few thumbanils but decided to comp up the two directions I felt strongly about... Thumbnails # 1 and #2.
I knew this was certainly overkill for a sketch but wanted to push this in a direction I wanted.
Liking both directions was not a bad place to be.
Carolyn did this Killer design, flopping my original design. I love this layout so much. A little sorry some of the creepy fog was getting lost, but the layout is so strong I really don't mind.  Brilliant Carolyn!

Much thanks to Mother Jones and Carolyn Perot for such a fun project...

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