Dan Adel at Arcadia

Throughout an accomplished career, Dan Adel has walked a maze of creative paths. Illustrator, painter, sculptor, photographer, writer, publisher,-- and counting, each pursuit's effort has consistanly advanced a vision rooted in classical sensibilities into the contemporary.
Dan's fifth one man show of paintings (opening this Saturday in Soho) furthers an established personal theme yet deeper into the sublime. If you think that sounds hyperbolic, just get in there and see 'em.
The show is also the cover feature in this month's American Art Collector magazine:



These images are from a sporadic project inspired by the timeless theme of The Folly of Man. As Bruegel's archtypical depiction of the fool or everyman (Eyke) used popular 16th century visual devises to convey meaning through mataphor, this version is contemporarily similar but intentionally less direct. Perhaps it's the fatigue induced by the illustrator's requirement to "illustrate", most often through established metaphors, or maybe it's the magnitude and complexity of the theme, but the ambiguity allowed through the use of vague metaphor seems appropriate. Still illustrative, only by more distant means.
These are improvasations that build and break (through their own bouts of folly) on the way to completion.
In regard to improv, Laurie Anderson said for her a piece is "finished when I can't fix it anymore". It was never really clear to me whether she meant that the piece was "finished" or if she was "finished with it",--big difference. These are all somewhere in between.
All 20"x30"ish, acrylic on paper.

Rob Shepperson
Every Friday I get a little gem in my email, a seemingly dashed-off little drawing of some seemingly incidental moment.
I say seemingly because on the surface that's how they might appear. But to anyone who spends time trying to Draw, these are feats of nuance and sensibility that belie their facade. They take the cynicism out of the cynical, and the sentimentality out of sentiment to humorously reveal something honest and real.
I've been looking at Shepperson drawings for a long time, and astoundingly, they just keep getting better. Here's a link to Rob's blog, where among other good stuff, he also posts his TGIF drawings.
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