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Last week I wrapped up another year teaching Figure Communication at UArts. A Junior level elective in the Illustration Program, the class explores utilizing the figure in illustration by less conventional means. The all-day class is divided into two segments; morning crit for projects and afternoon live figure drawing, with the course's objective being to closer unite them.
Consciously or subconsciously, students adhere to preconceived notions of how an illustration should be put together, and they commonly approach assignments under those constraints. The model drawing sessions that follow crits serve as an invitation to reconsider those rote standards through experiments in disregarding anatomical proportions, radical crops, arbitrary color, positive-negative space relationships, and shape abstractions that encourage more intuitive results.  Essentially, the exploration is about first understanding formal aspects of composition and figuration, and then interpreting them through more personal filters.
Below is a casual sampling from thousands of drawings created over the course of the year. My hope is that the ideas they derive from offer liberation, build confidence, and affirm the value of intuition.

The Hollywood Reporter
Recent portraits for 'Gossip Revolution' in The Hollywood Reporter. Thanks, Peter Cury. Dip pen nerds; check out the Tachikawa Maru. It behaves so well, you'll never swear at a nib again. You're welcome.
Amy Pascal

Nick Denton


Ariana Grande

Rupert Murdoch

Janice Dickenson



Sumner Redstone

Stein Eriksen Homes
A series of drawings for a book promoting Stein Eriksen, a residence developer in Deer Valley, Utah. It  serves as a 'Welcome Book' that presents the myriad lifestyle amenities offered in the five star ski country community.
With Ron McMillan at MC2, Los Angeles
"Honey, we're home!"

"Just what I wanted!"

"It's won more medals than Stein"
"It runs in the family"

"I'm almost to the top of Flagstaff Mountain!"

"I love ski-in, ski-out!"

"Do you mind signing in non-permanent ink?"

"Nobody wears corduroy like Deer Valley"

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